My first one

So, I’ve decided to start blogging. What am I going to blog about? I’m not sure. What I do know, I love reading and writing. Ever been published? No. But I did win a logline competition a couple of years ago. This was for a completed one hour dramedy pilot script I recently finished.

Mind you, I’ve been at this for the past twenty years. If not more. Give or take a year or two. I’ve never actually cared about making it as a writer. I just love writing. Am I any good at it? Of course I’m going to say ‘yes’. And my daughter certainly thinks so too. And hear this, she also loves to read and write. The apple not falling far from the tree seems to be true after all. Lol.

Talking about the apple not falling far from the tree, on the same day I decided to start a blog she sends me this message, “I just realised how much I love writing. Like, you can really express yourself and it makes you feel lighter. This is probably a bit personal but I’ll share it with you just for feedback. This took me three minutes because I just decided to write what was on my mind no fancy things okay?

So I tried convincing her to start a blog. Like father like daughter. She’s not to keen about that. So I’ve decided to blog her unofficial thoughts she send me that day. I’m no expert by I’ll try some editing here and there: Here’s what she wrote:

I’ve learned the most sincere way to love someone is through prayer. Though the distance for a hug seems manageable, you know things have changed, it’s no longer a place of escape.

Shape, it’s taking shape your heart doesn’t look like it did at the start. Not very smart. Your heart is made up of riddles, surely this will keep anyone out. Now with a loud shout, burned up face, raw in the eyes filling your mouth with lies, ‘I’m fine’. Is your strength pretensions? Or is it what you think is expected of you? Looks like your heart wasn’t as fool proof as you thought it was, maybe that’s your problem – your thoughts – cut them off.

You’ve given me an understanding, I know Your Spirit has. The hard part isn’t believing it’s trusting. When it looks nothing like what you said. Keeping my eyes steady, not checking the clock. Lock it. Hide this heart and keep it for yourself. I know I go back and forth sometimes. I might like the pain. I I feel real. It helps me to be humble. Seeing my own depravity.

Maybe my heart is drowning, but your love is oceans deep. Just a thought. Imagine saying that out loud in the middle of a crowd, shifted uncomfortable states that would rather have you sugar coat it in a thick lie. It’s not that I’m shy, I don’t own much, I can’t afford to waste my words. I promise I’ll talk when I have something to say, maybe not through audio but a picture that says a thousand words.

That’s what she wrote. And I loved it.